It all started in 2006…

When three business partners got inspired after watching the incredible work Ecuadoreancocoa farmers had done and the excellent quality of their crops. They decided to give an added value to the Ecuadorean cocoa beans by creating gourmet chocolate bars, completely natural, with exotic combinations.

The secret to manufacture the best chocolate bars begins in the Ecuadorian Andes, the center of the world, at 00 latitude. There, the crystalline waters of the mountains flow to form the magic Caoni river.
The Caoni waters flow into subtropical lands and into the lowlands of Ecuador, irrigating the small and traditional cocoa plantations, which are home to the unique cocoa trees, producers of the famous “Arriba” cocoa beans. 

Our master chocolatiers create dark chocolates with single origin beans, which reflect the unique natural flavours, aroma and textures only the Ecuadorean cocoa beans can offer. These beans are grown in the same way for hundreds of years. Our beans are carefully selected, that is why we never use vanilla to modify its original flavour. This is the way a unique Ecuadorian chocolate bar is created.